See the people in the photos above (by Erika Larsen)? They’re Sami, an indigenous group that is basically the Scandinavian equivalent of Native Americans. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, but fair features are a prevalent trait among the population.

Disney has not come out and said what race or ethnicity the main characters in Frozen are. Don’t you think it’s pretty presumptuous that when you see a fair haired, fair skinned character, you categorize them into the homogeneous group known as “white people” even though in the same breath you demand recognition of each different type of dark-skinned POC?

You complain that the clothes worn by Anna and Kristoff are co-opted from Sami culture, but do a quick Google search on what Sami people look like. Is it possible, if you widen your incredibly narrow worldview, that one or both of these characters IS IN FACT of Sami heritage? And if so, that they are actually POC, even if they’re aren’t the exact shade of color you want them to be?

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